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Diamond Carat

A remarkable gift of Mother Nature,diamonds represent beauty, and brilliance like nothing else. Their sparkle,shine, and allure are hard to resist. When buying a diamond, it is likely thatthese are the very qualities that attract your attention. But there is a lotmore to buying diamonds than just blindly giving in to their gorgeousappearance. While cut, clarity, and colour are important parameters to select adiamond, there’s another vital aspect to consider as well.

It is the carat!

These four factors are known as the4Cs of a diamond. Experienced diamond buyers know that the carat weight can bethe game changer, as far as the worth of a diamond is concerned. It’s somethingthat you must not overlook when you buy a diamond. So, here’s everything youneed to know about the carat weight of diamonds to help you make an informeddecision.

What is Carat Weight of a Diamond?

Like everything else around us,diamonds also have weights. To put it simply, the term carat weight refers tothe weight of a diamond. Most people tend to confuse carats to be a measurementof a diamond’s size. This, however, is a popular misconception. Diamonds andother gemstones are measured using a unit called metric carats. One carat isequal to 0.2 grams, which is the average weight of a raindrop.

A carat is further split into 100points and jewellers use the point system to weigh smaller diamonds. So, if youbuy a diamond ring having a 50-point stone, it will mean that your diamondweighs 0.50 carats. Even a fraction of a carat can bring about a considerabledifference in a diamond’s price. So, the point system is used to maintainprecision in weight, which, in turn, will determine its monetary value. Most ofthe diamonds used to make fine jewellery are of one carat weight or less.

When you buydiamond pendants bracelets,and other types of jewellery, you are likely to hear the term total caratweight. What exactly is it? And how does it differ from carat weight of adiamond? Be aware that it is the total weight of all the diamonds in theornament. So, if your jeweller says that the total carat weight of thesolitaire diamond earrings you selected is 1 carat, it means the combinedweight of the diamonds for both the ears in 1 carat and not for each individualear.

Understanding the Difference between the Carat and the Karat

A carat is not the same as the karatand it’s not just the difference in spelling that we are talking about. Caratis the standard unit for expressing the weight of precious stones like diamondsand gemstones. Karat, on the other hand, refers to the purity of gold. Thepurity of gold is scaled from 1 to 24 where 24 Karat is the purest form of themetal. The abbreviation for carat is ‘ct’ while that for karat is ‘k’ or ‘kt’.

So, next time when you go to buythat diamond ring with the stone mounted in yellow gold, you will know yourcarats from the karats.

Is Carat a Universal Measuring Unit?

The carat derives its name from thecarob seed. They are a variety of small seeds that were supposed to have fairlyuniform weight. Gem traders in the early days used these seeds to weightprecious stones. The current unit of metric carat was first adopted in 1907.Today, it’s a universal unit used all over the world to weight diamonds andgemstones.

How Does the Carat Weight Impact a Diamond’s Price?

The price of a diamond increaseswith its carat weight. A diamond of high carat weight will be more expensivethan those with fewer carat weights. This is because diamonds with higher caratweight are rare and so, are more desirable. But it’s important to remember thata diamond’s value depends on all the 4Cs, and not just the carat weight alone.So, two diamonds of equal weight can vary significantly in their prices if thecut, colour, and clarity of the two stones vary.

Does Carat Weight of a Diamond Correlate to Its Size?

The answer to this question is no.The carat weight of a diamond has no direct correlation to its size. Twodiamonds having the same weight can vary in diameters and depth. This will makethem look like two stones with different sizes when they are set in jewellerylike a ring, earring, etc. The cut of the stone also impacts its size. Forinstance, a round cut diamond may look smaller compared to an oval or amarquise cut diamond, even though they are all of the same carat weight.

Can Two Diamonds with Same Carat Weight Differ in Value Dueto Their Different Shapes?

Yes, they can. This is because thecombination of certain shapes and cuts produce more brilliance than the others.Based on such factors, the price of a diamond can differ much. For instance, adiamond with a round brilliant cut will have much more sparkle and fire thanone with an emerald cut. Due to this, the price of the first diamond will bemore than the second one, even though both of them may have the same caratweight.

What are Diamond Magic Sizes?

There are certain weights that areknown as magic sizes, such as 1 carat, 0.5 carat, etc. You won’t find muchdifference between the sizes of a 1 carat diamond and a 0.99 carat diamond. Butdue to the threshold sizes, the prices of diamonds with magic sizes can differsignificantly.

Does a Larger Carat Weight Mean a Better Diamond?

Well, when it comes to the caratweight, the larger the better is not the policy to follow. Though the rule of thethumb is that a larger diamond will be costlier than a smaller one, the ruledoes not translate to the quality of the diamond always. For instance, you mayhave a diamond with a high carat weight. But if it’s not well-cut, it may nothave much brilliance to boast of. On the other hand, a smaller diamond maysparkle brilliantly due to a proper cut. Which one would you like to have? Thechoice is all yours.

A Few Buying Tips for You

Next time when you go to buy diamondjewellery like pendants, bangles, nose pins, etc. don’t depend blindly on whatyour jeweller says. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

Consider the carat weight and thecut together. A diamond with high carat weight but poor cut may look smallerthan a diamond with less carat weight but a good cut.

If you want to make the most of yourbudget, buy shy. This means you go for a diamond that is just short of themagic marks. For instance, if you opt for a 0.99 carat diamond, there will beno noticeable difference between its size and that of a 1 carat diamond. Butyou will be able to save much on your budget.

When sparkle is the most importantfactor for you, start with the cut, colour, clarity, and finally go for thecarat weight.

If size is the defining factor foryou and budget is a concern, go for a diamond with high carat size but low incolour or clarity rating. The cut is something that is best left uncompromised.

You always thought there is so muchto pay attention to when you buy diamonds. Whether you are purchasing diamondsin the form of jewellery or as part of your investment portfolio, carat weightis something you shouldn’t neglect.